Dean’s art is a culmination of years of experience of horse rides, sunsets, hunting trips, hikes into wilderness areas, climbs up 14,000 foot peaks, hours and hours of sketching and working in acrylics and oils. Dean has settled in oils to tell his story, the story of the hours in a saddle or watching the sunrise, or the moment summer turns to autumn.  His work is representational and somewhat impressionistic. It captures the moment and the detail that is the moment and no more.  Please read on to know Dean a little bit better.


As an article in Western Horseman Magazine put it, Dean’s Life has not always been an easy one. Dean was widowed four months after his first wife had their first child. He was left to raise her on his own. Ten years later Dean met Renee’ whom he married and they live happily to this day. 

Dean and Renee’ decided to move to Del Norte, Colorado, to focus on his art more fully and get away from the stresses of the big city. They lived in a log house, heated with wood. They gathered fire wood all summer for the long winters. The kids all worked on the ranch while pursuing their interests in school. Dean pursued his art, showed all across the country, and studied with some of the top names in the business. In addition, in order to garner more information for his art, he worked gathering cattle and as a camp cook in hunting camps, and would always be outside painting. 

Earlier, during high school, Dean developed an interest in city planning so in college he pursued civil engineering and especially enjoyed the illustration that was required.  With that, he was lead down a path into an advertising agency where his artwork, film work and ad campaigns won many awards for excellence. 

Having grown up on a ranch and spending most of his time outdoors, the thought of being an artist was always with Dean. Watching the seasons pass was just not enough. It was Dean’s desire to mingle with the seasons and attempt to catch and interpret the moment.

After spending the last twenty years on ranches dean has slowed his pace and lives in Colorado Springs now. His studio is a small museum of the trappings of cowboy life.

His resume’ includes:

  • Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, Georgia
  • CM Russell Masters Miniature, MT
  • Governors’ Invitational, CO
  • Buffalo Bill Cody Invitational, WY
  • Arts for the Parks, WY                                                                                                
  • Coors Invitational, CO
  • Mountain Ouster Club Invitational,  AZ
  • And many One Man Shows across the west

Dean’s interests are spiritual, family, horses, fly rods, and paint brushes.

  Dean and his grand daughter Mya.

Dean and his grand daughter Mya.